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Meet Your Instructors

Lauren Cowart- 500 RYT, YAECP

Founder of Yoga Vibe TX & Way of the Yogi school RYS200

I am not here to teach you. Love will teach you. I will be your guide.

Energy is everything. Meditate, be light, be playful, and curious to keep moving through it all and evolve. Be compassion driven.

I strive to serve and give good yoga - a balance of strong asana, pranayama, and a mind that is truly present and engaged. Each sequence is unique to the students (vinyasa/restorative/hatha) and movement of all kinds. In class we strive to tap in to the most pure version of ourselves so that we raise our vibration, change the frequency, and can connect to one intention. Everything is compassion driven. When we grow our inner light we are capable of serving others. We are limitless. I believe in living by the heart, feeding the soul, and the Jivamukti philosophy of liberation. My intention is to promote yoga in every possible way. I am a student first and foremost and give immeasurable gratitude to my mentor, Elena Brower.







Penelope Mulhollan, RYT200

From the stage to the studio, I've always loved the duality of movement and exploring our untapped potential. Ballet taught me poise but yoga shows me that life can be asymmetrical.I'll work to absorb the knowledge of my teachers'  lineage to pour into each sequence. Though I will graduate in April 2022 from Way of the Yogi School of Instructors, I look forward to continuously learning through teaching. My hope is that in the stillness of silence, you'll hear the subtle sounds of your breath opening up a dwelling place of grace, light and serenity. May you be centered, safe and secure.


Kristi LeDoux Bult, RYT 200 Ashtanga Instructor

Ashtanga Yoga Asana found Kristi in 2013 during times of transformation in her work, family, and personal life. The healing benefits of yoga and a heart for service led her to become RYT certified in 2018, and she continues to teach yoga at Sulphur Parks and Recreation in Sulphur, Louisiana. Most recently, Kristi attained certification for Yin Yoga instruction through training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, Canada. You can find information about her class schedule and learn more about the benefits of yoga for every body on her Facebook page, Every Heart Yoga. Find her the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6pm for your Ashtanga practice.


Katy Hardy RYT200

Katy has studied and practiced yoga since 2007. She is a certified teacher through Heart & Bones Yoga where the emphasis is on learning to listen to your body and moving in ways that support healthy movement for life.  She’s also studied with Baxter Bell MD in his Yoga For Healthy Aging intensive. Katy uses her yoga and movement practices to stay strong, flexible, stable, and agile. 


Robin Brown, RYT 200

I started my yoga journey in search of balance.
Showing up to class every week taught me how to come home to my body. To quiet the mind by breathing. To allow myself an hour of stillness, welcoming the release of the day. Yoga helped me personally in a physical, mental and spiritual way. Yoga isn’t just about moving the body, but how to connect body mind and spirit. Serving a community of like-minded people is an honor, and a privilege to be able to create space for others to discover the power of their true selves. I look forward to continue creating space at Yoga Vibe TX for others to enjoy their journey of love, growth, healing and connection on and off the mat.


Ashly Black RYT200

Yoga has forever changed me for the better. I breathe deeper. I am stronger. I am kinder. I am calmer. I can not wait to share the love I have learned through yoga with others. Yoga is a time to give love to yourself, to find space to grow and strengthen. Through teaching beginner yoga that will be filled with so much love and care, I hope to help you push through to find inner strength in for all areas of your life. I can not wait to continue all the growth to come through my yoga journey at Yoga Vibe Tx


Shaunna Hill RYT200

I used to search for paradise: an island, the mountains, anywhere but where I was. With meditation and yoga I came to realize paradise is not a place, it's a state of mind. You can enter it at any time using your breath. Our mind and breath are so powerful they can shape our reality.
I found yoga when I started living more in line with my true values. After my first class I knew something sparked deep within and I've been fanning that flame since then. Yoga has helped me overcome body dysmorphia, find the paradise within myself, accept the light and dark that dwell inside me, and soften the rigid boundaries I used to live in. Yoga challenges our mind, body, and spirit to expand and make room for new things, new ways of thought, new states of being. My hope is to guide you using asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) through the layers of self so that you can return to the home within yourself and find paradise. 


Sarah Ridley RYT200

After completing her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification with Black Swan Yoga Houston in 2018, Sarah has taught vinyasa based classes around the Golden Triangle for the past three years at Exygon, Powerhouse, Yoga Vibe, and Cattail Marsh. She loves the supportive community found in yoga, and her goal is to bring that community goal into each class.


Taylor Brown- Meditation Instructor, owner at Earth Tonz

Lover of light, nature, coffee, camping, world travel, freedom, and living intentionally.Taylor is always searching for the feelings within herself that bring complete happiness and overall well-being. Discovering the practice of meditation completely transformed her life and she is inspired to share this life tool with the world.


Lauren Yates, Bhakti Yoga-

In our time together, we'll explore the style of Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti yoga invites you to look deep into yourself and incorporates practices like yoga asana, story telling, music, mantra, and poetry to help you connect your heart and soul. Through the stories from yoga tradition , we can draw on the strength of characters and coolect inspiration through the trials they go through. Think Aesop's fables, from the heart of India, with a song about the characters. Join Lauren for a sweet, relaxing evening of storytelling and a song, flow into  mindful movement, end with a guided meditation and luxurious savasana.

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