Meet Your Instructors

Lauren Cowart- 500 RYT, YAECP

Owner, Instructor - asana, meditation, pranayama

I am not here to teach you. Love will teach you. I will be your guide.

Energy is everything. Meditate, be light, be playful, and curious to keep moving through it all and evolve. Be compassion driven.

I strive to serve and give good yoga - a balance of strong asana, pranayama, and a mind that is truly present and engaged. Each sequence is unique to the students (vinyasa/restorative/hatha) and movement of all kinds. In class we strive to tap in to the most pure version of ourselves so that we raise our vibration, change the frequency, and can connect to one intention. Everything is compassion driven. When we grow our inner light we are capable of serving others. We are limitless. I believe in living by the heart, feeding the soul, and the Jivamukti philosophy of liberation. My intention is to promote yoga in every possible way.





Taylor Brown- Meditation Instructor

   Lover of light, nature, coffee, camping, world travel, freedom, and living intentionally.Taylor is always searching for the feelings within herself that bring complete happiness and overall well-being. Discovering the practice of meditation completely transformed her life and she is inspired to share this life tool with the world.

Glenn Myers - Yoga Instructor

    Meet Glenn. Glenn is a Vietnam Veteran, a meditation practitioner, and a yogi of the decades. He is a teacher of light, love, & yoga. His teaching is not only inspirational, but is formatted to fit every yogi. Glenn is our go - to sub and teacher of wisdom.

Melinda McWherter, LMT, RYT200, 

Y12SR Leader, Yomassage Therapist


I became a yoga teacher for several reasons. I was looking for more ways to help my daughter deal with her lupus & to teach her yoga so she can use it through the years as a tool for better health as she grows up. Also, I wanted to help my massage clients even more. I wanted to be able to help them in more holistic ways to empower them & take charge of their health issues and find better ways to not only heal their bodies but their spirit & mind. I feel God set me on this path to be an encourager & not only help others but help myself grow as a person & discover the light inside all of us. I want to help others find inner peace,calmness, & a safe place to let go of the negative thoughts & feelings in our hectic world through the practice of yoga & meditation. 

Jeannie Hood - RYT200


Beginning my yoga journey in the late 1970’s, life got in the way and I put family and career ahead of my own well-being. Several years ago I hurt my back and while I was going to a yoga class at the gym, I was not practicing at home. The exercises given to me by the chiropractor were simply yoga poses in a more western presentation. As I worked with those exercises, I knew it was time to return to yoga with a purpose, not only to help heal myself but to bring the gifts of yoga to others. I took the training to be a certificated yoga teacher. My focus is a gentle style of yoga incorporating the use of the chair for support and assistance. I create classes for those of us who are older, stiffer and larger.

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