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Class Schedule


- Private Sessions - 409-554-5713 to schedule



9AM- Hatha Yoga with Lauren

This practice is true to the heart of traditional yoga. Learn how to safely move into postures that have been practiced for over 5,000 years along with breath-work and meditation.




6PM-  Yin Yoga with Kristi & Shaunna

 This slow paced style of yoga targets the yin tissues of the body such as the bones, ligaments, and joints. Unlike the elastic muscle tissue, yin tissue is plastic and grows stronger with deeper, longer poses resulting in increased flexibility. Slow, steady poses rinse out and cleanse the tissues. In this class, we will target the energetic meridians of organ systems for optimal health. Balance your active, fiery yang practice with deep, cool Yin.


9am Beginner Flow with Ashly

Invite a feeling of potential, confidence, and trust within your heart. This flow class is a blend of Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga to empower your day.



11am - 7pm Private Sessions with Lauren

Private sessions with Lauren Cowart  are one -on - one, 60 minute training sessions and may include chair yoga or prenatal yoga. Prices vary. Call or Text 409-554-5713 to schedule yours today!


9AM Movement  For Healthy Aging with Katy

Are you interested in being strong, flexible, stable, and mobile throughout your life?   This practice will give you tools to use toward these goals along with breathing and meditation practices.   While beginner  friendly and all levels are welcome, we will frequently be working on the floor.      


6PM Hot Vinyasa with Lauren

Welcome this challenging practice to advance your yoga journey. This vinyasa practice is strong, powerful and energetic, with a focus on challenging your practice while increasing your circulation and speeding up your metabolism. This is, therefore, best suited to yogis who have a few classes under their belts already.






Private Sessions

call 409-554-5713 to schedule


9am Gentle Flow Yoga with Lauren

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